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The Big Race just 3 months away!

24-06-2023 14:06

The Big Race is less than 100 days away! 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon – a running feast comes really close.

Warsaw Marathon Foundation is 20 years young. This year also marks the 45th edition of the Warsaw Marathon. The Big Race, with its fantastic history and heaps of emotions, is going to hit the streets of Warsaw in less than 100 days! Let us start with big news – there will be a complete new course and an exceptional surprise, attractions for the audience, children’s runs and the add-on 10 k race, all coupled with competitive spirit and unforgettable emotions.

Both the 45th Warsaw Marathon and the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k will be held on 24th September. No running fan can miss those events. Each runner and each spectator will get their share of competition thrills, embellished with the great historical background and our trademark charity project of #BiegamDobrze (#RunningGood).


A race with loads of history

The Warsaw Marathon has been a feast for runners, year after year. As one of the few global marathons, we’ve been on for an unbroken period of 45 years, since 1979. Each of the Warsaw Marathon annual editions has a unique story. In the early 1980-ies, the race carried on under the watchful eye of the army and special police forces. The 1990-ies saw the first marathon editions with “Warsaw” as part of the brand. And in 2020 the event was held in an unprecedented pandemic formula, sticking to the highest sanitary rigour. Each Marathon year is special, and for each runner, the marathon is a fiesta crowning a rather lengthy path. Being part of the running crowd, who write the unique marathon story in Poland’s capital, being able to watch other runners – it all offers a chance to ponder the passion and hard work, and to celebrate the running season’s highlight.

– Marathon is an exceptional distance – says Magda Skrocka of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation. The more so, that our event has been going on since 1979, without a break. That means long years of running, celebrating the passion, living through social and historical changes. The race is a witness of our everyday lives – and the superb chronicler of emotions. The unique atmosphere, the feeling of unity and fulfilment, the finish line of many weeks’ preparation – words can hardly describe a marathoner’s feelings. The same impressions get through to running fans. This year, we want the whole of Warsaw to rejoice in the Big Race with us. The Warsaw fans know how to cheer and how to be a great audience  – just wait for 24th September and let’s write another chapter of our shared history.


Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k – the accompanying race

No different from last year, the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon is to be complemented by a 10k race. The shorter distance is ideal for those not yet ready for the marathon, and for those who simply dream of a 10k PB. The Big Race vibes and the huge field, the loud, colourful event setting, finally – the new title sponsor, Nice To Fit You – all these factors make the race on September 24th really unique. 

A 10k race is an opportunity for street running first-timers, and for those seeking a personal best. But you can also simply indulge in a chance to run through the city centre free from the car traffic. Thanks to the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k, you can get the Big Race feeling. On Sunday, September 24th, thousands of runners will have a chance to build the beautiful history of running in Warsaw!


New courses and the surprise that can truly move the capital

Some important formal announcements are coming – both the marathon and the 10k race get complete new courses. 

– We are preparing a surprise both for our runners and for the Warsaw running fans – Magda Skrocka says. Apart from the new routes, which are being developed right now, we are also going to announce another change, adding a symbolic dimension to the whole event. We are waiting impatiently for the runners’ reactions, we know that the race course and setting are important to them. The news will be unveiled step by step, until the race day. But the route itself will be shown much sooner, at the turn of June and July.


#RunningGood – another chapter, another chance to help

One can sign up for the September races through the biggest charity running project in Poland  –  #BiegamDobrze (#RunningGood). In our charity path, helping is easy! Through the project carried out with several NGO’s, we facilitate fundraising for such causes as oncological therapies, supporting prematurely born infants or disease prevention.

Having raised the minimum amount in the virtual piggybank set up at registration, the runner gets a special gift – an exceptional orange bib number, which identifies the Charity Heroes. Running feels lighter, when you run for a cause!

– Social engagement and supporting local charities is a key area of our activity – says Marta Pokutycka-Mądrala, spokesperson at Nationale-Nederlanden and corporate communications director. – We really appreciate the effort of #RunningGood charity marathoners. As Nationale-Nederlanden we will add extra funding to the leading fundraisers. Along with the base collection, the fundraiser will pass our extra amounts on to the foundation they had chosen. 

Registration for 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon and the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k is under way! Other races at the event weekend include Bridgestone Marathon Relays (registration to start in late June) and children’s races. On September 24, Warsaw becomes each runner’s capital. It’s a great chance for everyone to rejoice in the Big Race mood – runners adult and younger, the local audience and fans around the world!  Thousands of runners will come along, fighting for their dreams. Time to write another chapter in Warsaw’s street running history!


Sign up here >>> https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com