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Anwim to run along!

07-03-2023 14:03

Anwim to run along with the Warsaw Marathon Foundation

07-03-2023 14:03

Anwim, the operator of the MOYA petrol stations chain, has become the official Supporting Brand of the distance running events organised by the Warsaw Marathon Foundation in 2023. As part of the cooperation, Anwim is going to equip a special section of the Runners’ town, as well as provide pre-race gifts for each runner.

Anwim aims to take an active part in the organisation of 17th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half-Marathon, 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon and Ekiden – the Marathon of Relays, including supporting races. The mission of our Foundation, related to caring about Poles’ physical and mental health, is close to the company’s corporate values, which include promoting a balanced lifestyle and environmental causes.

45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, as well as other events organised by the Foundation, promote sports and healthy lifestyles, but also support a number of charities. As a company, Anwim has been for many years building a socially responsible corporate culture, and initiating a range of projects where interested employees may get involved. Anwin teams will compete in the EKIDEN – the Marathon of Relays, but there are also people preparing to the much more demanding individual marathon race.

The first of the races, 17th Nationale Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon, will be held on March 26th. In the runners’ village, race participants will be able to relax and sip the delicious MOYA Caffe. Besides, the company is also preparing special gifts, to be found in the runners’ race packs.

MOYA petrol station network

MOYA petrol stations are present in all the voivodships, at main transit highways, local roads and in city centres. They offer fuel of the highest quality: 95 and 98 gasoline, LPG and diesel fuel in the standard and premium versions, the latter branded as ON MOYA Power. Lorry and van drivers can take advantage of fast-refuelling has pumps and have access to the increasingly popular AdBlue liquid. Fleet customers can enjoy the interesting offer of the MOYA Firma program, which enables cashless transactions.

The MOYA Firma mobile app allows for effective management of a car fleet. Some of the MOYA stations are additionally equipped in lorry parking spaces, car washing systems, compressors or vacuum cleaners. The chain’s stations meet the highest standards of service and product quality. All fuel offered at MOYA is consistent with up-to-date fuel quality standards, and with the current directive on minimal standards for liquid fuel. TankQ – the independent fuel study program – is the best guarantee of MOYA quality.