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Tips for participants

28-09-2019 12:09

Please feel invited to read the most important organizational information for participants of 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon.

In the guide you will find the most important information about:

  • race kits pick-up and Expo
  • start and finish organization
  • functioning of deposits
  • competitions
  • curiosities

and many other useful information.

View on this site or download by clicking the arrow icon in the upper left corner.

FRIDAY 27.09.2019
Służewiec Racetrack
12:00–20:00 – Race Office
12:00–20:00 – Expo Sport&Fitness
SATURDAY 28.09.2019
Służewiec Racetrack
10:00–20:00 – Race Office
10:00–20:00 – Sports&Fitness Expo
15:00 – Award ceremony of #BiegamDobrze charity action leaders
10:20–17:00 – Mini Marathon and all-round sports competition for children

SUNDAY 29.09.2019
Konwiktorska street
from 7:00 – Deposit drop-off
8:40 – Energetic Calypso Fitness warm-up
8:57 – Start for the athletes in wheelchairs
9:00 – Start of the 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon
9:00 – Start of the Bridgestone Marathon Relay
9:30 – Start of the High Five Race
Multimedia Fountain Park
ca. 9:45 – Finish of the High Five Race winner
10:15 – Award ceremony of the High Five Race winners
ca. 11:00 – Finish of the 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon winner
12:00 – Award ceremony of the 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon winners
Award ceremony of the Bridgestone Marathon Relay winners
13:45 – Award ceremony for the athletes in wheelchairs with manual drive
Award ceremony of the Team Polish Marathon Championships
Award ceremonies in age categories of the 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon
Award ceremony of the PZU Sport Team classification

Race Office: Służewiec Racetrack, Stand II
in navigation google: Tor Wyscigow Konnych Sluzewiec Trybuna Nr 2
(ul. Puławska 266)
September 27th (Friday) – 12:00–20:00
September 28th (Saturday) – 10:00–20:00
Race office is open at the location only on September 27th and 28th! It is not possible to pick up the race kit on race day. To pick up your race kit, bring photo ID.
You can have a friend or family member pick up your race kit as long as they present your race card (signed by you) and photocopy of your photo ID.

On September 27th and 28th, during race office opening hours, a special bus line “300” will run with the route:
Metro Wilanowska
Puławska str (Al. Lotników stop)
Al. Wyścigowa (Wyścigi stop)
Racetrack area (Tor Służewiec stop)
The bus leaves approximately every half-hour.:
Friday: 11:30–20:30
Saturday: 9:30–20:30

We encourage you to come by bike. 50 bicycle stands will be available.
There is a car park in front of the Służewiec Racetrack, but the number of parking spaces will be limited.

The number of parking spaces in the start area is limited. For your convenience, we recommend arriving at the start located on Konwiktorska street by public transport:
by metro (Dworzec Gdański station) or by tram (Park Traugutta, KS Polonia or Dworzec Gdański stops). You can check the current timetable and the fastest connection at: ztm.waw.pl.

Your race kit includes a kitbag (and a sticker with your race bib number) that you can use to put your kitbag onto the appropriate baggage vehicle at the start area. To pick up your belongings at the finish area you will need your race bib.You can put your kitbag at the start area onto the labelled baggage van and retrieve it after the race from the same van at the finish area. The number of your deposit vehicle is indicated on your race bib.

Organization of start / finish.

Click on the map to enlarge it:


Click on the map to enlarge it:

On every nutritional point there will be Cechini Muszyna water available. 4Move isotonic drink will be available on second and every point after that.
On some points there will be Diamant sugar, Dextro tabs and Yellow bananas. See details on the map (click to enlarge).

IMPORTATNT: after every nutritional point there will be a „throw zone”, where you can get rid of the paper cup. We kindly ask you to throw you trash in the designated bin.

Pacemakers will help participants to try and achieve the following times (chip): 3:00, 3:10, 3:15, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45, 3:50, 3:55, 4:00, 4:10, 4:15, 4:20, 4:30, 4:40, 4:50. Before the start, pacemakers will hold boards with their times and they will be clearly visible during the race. On page 32 of the race guide (you can find it in the “Race Guide” section) you will find photos of all 42 pacemakers.

To participate in 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon it is necessary to pay the entry fee.
The rates are as follows:

Basic Race Kit (without t-shirt) Race Kit with cotton t-shirt Race Kit with technical (New Balance) t-shirt Race Kit with 2 t-shirts (cotton and technical New Balance)
until 31st of March 2019 €50 €55 €65 €70
from 1st of April 2019

until 31st of August 2019

€55 €60 €70 €75
from 1st of September 2019 until 26th of September 2019 €65 €70 €80 €85
from 27th of September 2019 (and in the race office) €75 €80 €90 €95

The number of New Balance technical t-shirts is limited. If a participant has chosen, in the application form, New Balance technical shirt, did not pay fee within 7 days of sending the application and the status of available t-shirts is low, the Organizer reserves the right to delete selected (unpaid) shirt from register form, inform the participant by e-mail.
People who will settle the entry fee after 22nd of September 2019 and will not receive the confirmation with starting number will have to present the confirmation of the payment in the race office in order to receive their starting number.


For your convenience, please use public transport. On the day of the run (September 29th), participants can get around by public transport (bus, tram, metro, SKM trains) free of charge – on the basis of starting bib.

The start/finish zone offers a limited number of parking places. For your comfort, please use the public transport.

Find your accommodation for the 41st PZU Warsaw Marathon quickly and conveniently.  Start with our search engine! After selecting dates and pressing “search”, the Booking.com page will open with available offers.