24 września 2023 / September 24th, 2023

Warsaw 10K

Take part in the Warsaw 10K and become a part of a new running history! The 10 km run will be held periodically in autumn as a companion run to the Warsaw Marathon.

10 km run is an excellent opportunity to get a feeling of the unique atmosphere of this sporting event and become a part of the Great Run without having to cover 42.195 km. No running enthusiast should miss such an event!

10 km run will start every year on the last Sunday of September, right after the marathon participants set off. The runners will start out from Konwiktorska Street towards Żoliborz and Bielany districts. The run will end on a long straight stretch of the route leading through the wide Wislostrada up to the finish line located at the height of the Multimedia Fountain Park.

A small number of turns, lots of long and straight parts of the route, very few hills, and comfortable, wide arteries make this run the one where runners can strive to achieve their personal best records. At the same time, many historical monuments, memorials, but also characteristic landmarks or green areas make the route very attractive scenically.

If you haven’t yet made plans to run a marathon in September through the streets of Warsaw and still don’t know what you’ll be doing that day, here is an idea – think over to participate in the Warsaw 10 km Run to feel the atmosphere of the Great Run. On the last Sunday of September, together with thousands of other runners, you will have the opportunity to co-create the beautiful history of a new run!



All technical information about this run 2023 will be available soon.

Collecting the starter pack:

The Race Office is open on two days – on Friday and Saturday before the race.

WARNING! On the day of the competition, the Competition Office is not open.

Date: (annually) last Sunday in September