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The first 1,000 marathoners signed up!

25-02-2023 14:02

The first thousand runners in the start list of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon!

25-02-2023 08:02

Although the Big Race – the jubilee 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathonu – is still a full season away, we know well that you plan to meet us in the capital of Poland. You plan and you express it through signing up for the race. More than 200 days before the event, as many as 1000 people have already signed up! And the number is growing with each day.


The Big Race

The Jubilee 45th edition of the race is scheduled for 24th September, 2023. One of the most prestigious sports events in the Polish capital will be held as the 45. Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon.

Each year, the Warsaw Marathon marks a running celebration. It is one of the few marathons in the world that has been on since 1979, without a break. Each edition is an exceptional story, each and every one is a chance for reaching running goals and dreams, a unique challenge and an enormous learning opportunity. And like many road races, our marathons are hotspots of human emotions.

The start list has already 1,000 participants! The previous year’s edition gathered more than 4,000 runners. Will a higher number hit the streets this year? The fight to reach for the running dreams continues – as the Warsaw Marathon Foundation we keep our fingers crossed for your goals and resolutions!


#GoodRunning – running with a cause feels lighter!

As part of the charity path, each runner can choose one of the partner charities and support it through running. By choosing that path at race registration, members set up virtual collections in the #GoodRunning system. You can then encourage your friends to support the fundraiser, and thus you team up to raise the money to support your chosen charity. After raising the minimum amount, the runner receives the race bib as a gift from their organisation.

As part of #GoodRunning, the runners have already raised more than 7 million PLN for important social causes! Become one of the heroes with orange race bibs – running with a cause feels lighter!

Read more about the charity path (top drop down menu) 

Join the runners who write the history of marathons with us and live your special day in Warsaw. Let September be marked by fulfilment of running dreams – grab the chance! Let’s meet on September 24th! The registration is on!