29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Survey for marathon participants

20-06-2021 18:06

Dear runners!

We are happy to confirm that we will be able to see all of you on September 26th during the 43rd Warsaw Marathon. But before that happens we need your help. 

Due to the current restrictions, for us to proceed with the registration and planning the details of the event we need to ask you about your vaccination status. 

At this point in time, all races have to be divided into groups of 250 participants (that limit does not cover vaccinated people) that can start the race every 30 minutes. The information about your vaccination status will help us to decide on the number of groups and let new participants register. 

In the registration panel, you will find a questionnaire. Please fill in the questionnaire before June 21st, or even better – now!  Answering the questions will take less than a minute.

No matter if you have or have not been vaccinated all of the submitted answers will help us to determine the final date of the event, plan the details and let new runners take place in the race. 

Next, everyone with their number assigned will be able to choose in which group they want to start.  All of the vaccinated participants will be able to take part in the traditional mass start. 

For many months we have been working on preparing an event that is safe and as big as possible. We kindly ask you to answer the questionnaire truthfully, so on September 26th we can all take part in a beautiful race and follow the health restrictions.

FMW Crew