29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Wanda Panfil Trophy unveiled, as the main prize at TEAM UP! Europe

14-09-2023 16:09

The legendary marathoner becomes special guest of the event. 

A new competition, TEAM UP! Europe, as part of the Warsaw Marathon, will be honoured with a trophy that teams from across Europe will fight for, starting this year. This unique statuette is named after Wanda Panfil and commemorates the sporting achievements of the most decorated female athlete in the Polish marathons history.

What’s more, Wanda Panfil herself – the world champion in the marathon from Tokyo 1991 and the winner of marathons in New York, London, Boston, and Nagoya – will be the honorary guest of our event. The meeting with Mrs. Wanda Panfil will be held on Saturday at 3:00 PM in the Marathon Zone (Plac Defilad). Be sure to come!

The rules for competing for the Wanda Panfil Trophy are simple – the statuette is a rolling award and can finally stay with the national team after their three wins in TEAM UP! Europe. Who will win the first edition? Let’s find out on September 24th!