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Celebrate running with Nice to Fit You

05-06-2023 14:06

Celebration of Running with Nice To Fit You

Remember to keep the holy day! Every runner’s fiesta is coming on June 7, 2023 – it’s the World Running Day!

Rejoice on this special holiday. Dress up your best starters, recharge your watch, put on your headphones and make it your day! This is your special time!

Are you training before a race? Take care of a proper, balanced diet. Which can also mean – delicious! 💛

Using the BIEGANIE10 code, you can order catering with menu selection, up to 10% off regular price!

Code valid until 7/06, cannot be combined with the loyalty program.

CHECK here: ntfy.pl/catering-item

Nice To Fit You is once again the official sponsor of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon and for the first time the title sponsor of the accompanying 10km run, Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k. We choose to support runners. You too have a choice. Go ahead and choose your menu conveniently in the mobile application.

Check the route – click to enlarge.