29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Photos – 44th Warsaw Marathon

21-09-2022 10:09

We all know, how important are photos from races. We believe that the last Sunday of September will be an unforgettable event for all of us. With this in mind we have prepared surprises!

Photos for participants of the Bridgestone Marathon Relay and 44th Warsaw Marathon from Bridgestone
Thanks to the sponsor – Bridgestone, the participants of the 44th Warsaw Marathon and the Bridgestone Marathon Relay will receive a free photo package in the Internet quality on the Pic2Go service! To enjoy your photos, just make sure that the QR code placed on the starting numbers is visible during the competition, and after the run, use the website https://maratonwarszawski.com/pic2go/ and enter your starting number in the designated place. The photos will be added to the account already during the run.

Photos for participants of the Warsaw 10K by Pekao S.A.
Running to the finish line is the most exciting and memorable moment. For Peako S.A. runners Warsaw Dycha, the title sponsor of the event, funded free photos from the finish line, which will be available on the Fotomaraton.pl website. To get them, just use the face search engine.

RunPixie – a treat for runners and fans!
RunPixie, a new EU-funded startup, has your best photos of your running events – captured by professional photographers and viewers alike! Before the race: persuade your family and friends who will support you to take photos of people passing by with your phone or camera, and they will get a fair commission for photos (PLN 8 from each package sold goes to the authors, so the best can earn really decent). Just post them after the run on https://app.runpixie.com.

After the race, go to https://www.runpixie.com and enter your bib number. Browse the photos in a reduced size and with a watermark and decide if wan to download them. As RunPixie is just starting, a promotional price list applies: for only PLN 29.99 you can download all your uploaded photos.

Fotomaraton.pl – reliable service with us again!
Fotomaraton.pl is a real treasure of sports memories. The service has been with us for years and it will also be present on the route of the 44th Warsaw Marathon and Warsaw 10K by Pekao S.A. On the website, thanks to the advanced face search engine, you can easily find a rich package of photos that you will be able to buy in high resolutions.

We are counting on thousands of your wide smiles on the route and at the finish of the runs. See you later!