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#DrużynaWielkiegoBiegu – the Big Race Crew – get to know them!

04-09-2023 14:09

It’s you – the fans and the runners – who makes the Warsaw Marathon a true story. Each participant – their individual adventure and individual way – makes part of a whole. That whole is made special by a common dream and a common goal. We are united by a great passion and by endurance in pursuing this passion.

We highly value your everyday engagement in developing the running community, both locally and in a broader scale. That’s why we have brought the Big Race Crew to life. Here are the friends of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation invited to the first edition of our project. They motivate to challenges, tell stories of their own sport goals, encourage others to start or develop everyone’s active life journey.


Sport is not just about big events – first and foremost, it’s a great way to care about one’s physical and mental health. Together, we want to give a large-scale good example!Meet the Crew – #DrużynaWielkiegoBiegu – and feel invited to the next editions of the project. Tag us in your social media, show your passion – let the world see you now!


Simply Paula! I went on my first run training session in 2015 and carried on along that way! Since 2019 I’ve been part of the ASICS Frontrunner crew. Though recently it’s been mostly running around the trio of my kids, a training is always in my day planner. I don’t run for times, I make time for running – that’s my rule!

Bartek Piekarsky:

Bartek Piekarski – the author of “15 złotych zasad, jak postępować w życiu” (“15 golden rules of life practice”). Mentor of life habit change and mental coach. Actor. Personal development practitioner, who perceives it in every area of life. He started running in the summer of 2022, even though he used to literally hate it. Now he’s got the first marathon and a couple of shorter races under his belt. It’s high time for new goals, to aid self-development and becoming a better version of one’s self.

Artur – biegowywariat:

Hi! They call me „Biegowy Wariat” (“The Running Madman”), I’ve been running for over 9 years, and my first marathon was obviously done in Warsaw! I’ve done the World Marathon Majors. Running is my passion and my way of life. In my day job I work as customer advisor at Sklep Biegacza, doradca, besides managing my socials and the blog. I also coach runners and help them reach their dreams. On the day of the jubilee 45. Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon I am going to run the companion race – Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k.

Angelika Gęca:

My name is Angelika, I’ve been running for 6 years, but it’s only been under a year that I’ve done rigorous training. Thanks to running I managed to shed 44 kilos after pregnancy. The Warsaw Marathon is my 42k debut after becoming a mum last year. My dream time is 3:59:59.

Tomasz Sobania:

A 25-year old extreme runner, with several quite unusual feats in his cv. He’s done an across-Poland south to north run (from Zakopane to Gdynia). He also ran from Poland to Rome and Barcelona, and this year he’s covered a distance of 3,600 kilometres from the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów to the Marathon in Greece, Each of those projects had a charity goal, and two of them were documented in a book.The next item in his planner – run across the States just like Forrest Gump! In the meantime, Tomasz gives lectures around Poland and trains in the track section of Piast Gliwice.

Sylwia Kućmierczyk:

Sylwia Kućmierczyk, a running enthusiast, pro athletics instructor and a healthy lifestyle lover. My running adventure goes back right to the childhood years. An injury in 2019 marked a halt in my pro athlete’s career, and I decided to study physiology and coaching principles in detail. That’s how my knowledge sharing passion was born – I took the nick of “Grażyna Biegania” and started a new life in social media, as running motivator and influencer. My mission is to motivate towards physical activity, building the endurance base and finding joy in each training session. I want to show the activity-seeking women that running is more than a sport – that it’s a hobby likely to improve their overall health, mood and self-esteem.


I’m Aneta and my running adventure started in 2014. I set off as a typical asphalt runner, but as soon as I tried mountain running – it won me over instantly 🙂 Mountains are where I feel best – deep breathing, marvellous sights, learning to challenge my weaknesses and move boundaries. Since 2022 I’ve been part of the ASICS FrontRunner team. I run for the pure joy of running. “A healthy spirit in a healthy body” is my natural everyday rule.


Thanks for being in the Big Race Crew!