29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

The greatest Marathoners…

09-09-2023 13:09

Can you imagine that feeling – not having missed a single edition of the Warsaw Marathon since 1979?

They know what it’s like! Here is a list of great marathoners – they have run all editions of the Warsaw Marathon! We know it now – this year they’ll be with us for the 45th time! Next to the names you will see the time they achieved at our event last year.

Jerzy Głowacki (Poznań) – 06:29:05

Jacek Gnysiński (Sieradz) – 03:52:15

Franciszek Kąkol (Chojnice) – 04:46:57

Stanisław Mróz (Łabowa) – 05:14:10

Stanisław Orlicki (Rudze) – 04:19:32

Stanisław Osiński (Warsaw) – 04:33:43

Wojciech Pasek (Końskie) – 06:03:48

Michał Strzałkowski (Siedlce) – 06:44:29

Andrzej Szałowski (Warsaw) – 04:17:49

Highest respect! At this year’s edition finish, there will be special awards for the gentlemen. Last year’s 44th finish of the Warsaw Marathon by Mr. Michał Strzałkowski (in the photo) can be seen here >>