29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Running for clear air

06-05-2024 12:05

Warsaw has been chosen for the first edition of the Running For Clean Air project led by World Athletics. This project aims to draw attention to air quality – particularly important for our environment – for people who spend time outdoors, whether walking, running, cycling, or simply playing with children or pets.

The theme of our running meetings is air quality and health. Increasing awareness in the running community is an opportunity for positive changes in cities. Together, we want to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle!

The Running for Clean Air Project aims to promote cleaner air among people who spend time outdoors – whether walking, running, cycling, or simply playing with children or pets. Our actions are based on real data. From April, an air quality monitor will be installed at Mokotów Field. Here: [link], you can check the current air quality in this location.


The Warsaw Project

After securing funding from the Clean Air Fund – a global philanthropic organization promoting clean air, two cities were selected for the pilot project: Warsaw and Lagos.

Based on air pollution measurements, the project utilizes existing running communities, stimulates positive changes in cities, and increases awareness about air quality. From reducing the risk of respiratory diseases to optimizing athletic performance, good air quality is a win for all involved.

The initiative combines running with air quality issues. The Running for Clean Air Project is implemented by World Athletics in collaboration with the Warsaw Marathon Foundation, the Polish Athletics Association, and the City of Warsaw.



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