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Do not stop halfway, run for the new 5-door Fiat Tipo!

23-06-2017 12:06

Have you finished the 12th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon and dream of making a debut or fighting for a new personal best at the royal distance? So go for it! Sign up for the 39th PZU Warsaw Marathon and fight for Fiat Tipo. We would like to thank you for running with us throughout the season and appreciate that you are raising the bar higher and higher.

Do not let your passion for running and enthusiasm after finishing the Warsaw half fade! We strongly urge you to continue your running adventure during this year’s Marathon. We can offer a prize in return, but we have to point out that it won’t be easy.

What’s the matter?
After you sign up to participate in the 39th PZU Warsaw Marathon, basing on your start in the 12th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon we will calculate the predicted time in which you should finish the race.

Sounds good?
With the predictions, you’ll know what you have to encounter and what challenges you face. If you meet the challenge and beat the predicted time by at least a second then … you will take part in our lottery. There is a modern, compact and well performing in travel Fiat Tipo to win. The winner will be announced on the day of the marathon. You have the chance not only to beat your own time, but also to receive a unique reward that will motivate you to cover another kilometers.

Do you want to join our action?
– Sign up for the 39th PZU Warsaw Marathon today
– fill in the application form
– wait for the message in what time you need to fit in to get a chance to win the prize.
– Train … and we’ll do our best to make you never regret putting on your shoes and going for a run.

It is important for us that you cover another kilometers of you possibilities with us.