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Nice To Fit You for Warsaw runners

21-09-2023 23:09

Multiple Olympic champion Robert Korzeniowski, expert dietitians, as well as plenty of delicious food – these are just some of the attractions that await runners at the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k. The race starts in just 3 days! What else has the brand prepared to enhance this special day for runners and fans?

Athletes and visitors will be able to visit the Nice To Fit You zone throughout the weekend, to find not only tasty dishes and snacks from the catering menu but also discount codes for the entire Nice To Fit You product range. Furthermore, throughout the weekend at the sponsor’s tent, participants can use expert dietary advice and get a professional body composition measurement.

Nice To Fit You nutrition experts will answer questions about the best diet for both novice and advanced runners. Dietitians will be available on Friday from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm. at the Race Office. On Saturday and Sunday, dietitians will be available in the Nice To Fit You Zone outside the Palace of Culture from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

“This is not the first sponsorship collaboration between our brand and the Warsaw Marathon Foundation, but now we have decided to sponsor our own race – the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k. This year, we celebrate our company’s 10th anniversary, and the ten-kilometre race fits perfectly into our important milestone events. As everyone knows, diet and sports always go hand in hand, so we are even more delighted that runners will share in this celebration with us,” commented Urszula Kupraszewicz, Chief Growth Officer at Nice To Fit You.

At the Race Office in PKiN, all runners will receive motivational wristbands, and they will also have the opportunity to take a moving photo at the “photo jump” stand, seek dietary advice before the race, and, of course, sample delicious snacks from Nice To Fit You.

On the event day, the Nice To Fit You Zone will be filled with inspiration and shared experiences from well-known and beloved athletes, including Olympic champion Robert Korzeniowski, who has been motivating people to participate in the race alongside the brand since early September. He will take part in the 10 k race side by side with the Nice To Fit You team and other runners. Then in the Marathon Zone he will pose for photos and answer fans’ queries. Bartek Olszewski, known as Warszawski Biegacz, and Marta Kruk, aka Codziennie Fit, are also in the NTFY team.

After the race, participants can take photos in Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k shirts and with impressive, original medals that have been making waves online since their presentation. The sponsor also invites everyone to stretching sessions with Marta Kruk, coach and influencer active in various part of Poland, 270,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Stretching sessions will take place at 11:00 and 11:30.

Nice To Fit You will also provide a space for relaxation and chill-out, which will be set up in a designer booth with a terrace and a view of the Palace of Culture. But before relaxing, you have to reach the finish line. The brand will also cheer runners on along the route. The cheering zone at the famous “palm tree” roundabout will encourage runners to fight for medals and the best possible times.