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Dr Łokieć as official physio partner

04-09-2023 08:09

Caring for finishers of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon and companion runs is no mean feat. Dr Łokieć knows how to do it.

Several dozen massage specialists will form the team of Dr Łokieć Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic in Warsaw on September 24. Their service is offered to all race finishers – at 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, Bridgestone Marathon Relay and Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k. You will also be able to meet the clinic’s experts when collecting the bib number at Sport&Fitness Expo set up next to the Race Office. They will then provide runners with physiotherapy consultations.

In less than 3 weeks, participants of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon will take to the streets of the capital. There are already almost 6,000 competitors on the start lists, and that’s not the end of registration. Everyone will run a completely new route, leading from Emilii Plater street, through six districts of the capital.

Run along to the massage zone

The finish area, located at the foot of the Palace of Culture, is meant to be spectacular this year. Its inseparable part is the massage zone, providing runners with professional physio support for faster muscle recovery and helping to reduce tensions. As in previous years, runners will be taken care of by masseurs and physiotherapists from Warsaw’s clinic by Dr Łokieć (23 Okopowa st).

– This will be our sixth Warsaw Marathon as the massage zone partner. In addition, we work with runners every day, so we know perfectly well what hits a marathoner – Mateusz Chajęcki says with a smile. The head of Dr Łokieć adds: – Our employees and volunteers will help runners recover after the royal distance.

The massage zone of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon will be located near the finish line at Emilii Plater street, with special signs leading to the tent. The masseurs will start their work in the morning, and the participants of the Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k will be the first to use their services. The first ones will arrive at the finish line around 10:00 am, roughly an hour before the fastest marathoners. The largest wave of runners is expected around 12:30-13:00, then the race will be completed by runners aiming at the times of 3:30-4:00.

Professional massage tables will be set up in the zone, with several dozen therapists. The clinic’s head estimates that the zone will be ready to serve as many as several hundred runners.

– You will probably have to wait a bit for your turn, but it is really worth it – Chajęcki stresses. – a post-race massage can speed up the recovery process of muscles that may be weakened after intense running. By stimulating blood circulation, massage delivers essential nutrients to the muscles and speeds up the removal of toxins and lactic acids accumulated during exercise.

You will meet Dr Łokieć at the Expo

Dr Łokieć clinic experts will also provide physiotherapeutic consultations before the race – at the Sport&Fitness Expo before the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. The Expo is scheduled for September 22-23 in the interiors of the Palace of Culture and Science.

– You are always welcome at our stand. We will look at the muscles and give tips on how to work with the body to avoid injury. We will also advise on final preparations for the Sunday marathon – adds the clinic’s boss.

Dr Łokieć Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic has been an official partner of the Warsaw Marathon Foundation since 2016. It manages massage zones at the Warsaw Marathon and the Warsaw Half Marathon.