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TEAM UP! Europe – looking for captain of Team 6

01-08-2023 19:08

The sixth team in the TeamUp! Europe contest – who will complete the field and fight for guaranteed prizes at the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon?

Three weeks ago we presented a new competition format, which – starting this year – becomes part and parcel of the Warsaw Marathon – TEAM UP! Europe. Over the further 3 weeks, we presented five crews competing in the project’s premiere edition. Today it’s time for the last, sixth team to join the line-ups coming from Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium and the international Continental squad.

To recap the basics: TEAM UP! Europe is a clash of four-person teams over the marathon distance, which is not only to make the 42.195 km run more attractive, but also to support the development of runners from Europe. In the premiere edition, the pool of guaranteed prizes is EUR 60,000, of which EUR 20,000 will go to the best team.

Who is the manager of the sixth team?

Managers from all over Europe were invited to submit their teams. Their five line-ups were presented throughout July. The manager of the sixth team – well, that can be yourself! How is that possible? It’s very simple – in this year’s edition of TEAM UP! Europe we have provided space for exactly six teams. As five places are already taken, we decided that the sixth place will go to the best team in the parallel competition TEAM UP! Everyone.

What does that mean in practice?

In a few days, registration for the TEAM UP! Everyone competition opens to amateur runners! Its rules are almost exactly the same as those of the TEAM UP! Europe – you can read them here => https://teamupeurope.eu/en/rules-and-regulations/.

And the key thing – the highest ranked team in the Everyone format, which will be compiled in accordance with the rules of the “pro” format (i.e. entirely of people holding passports of European Athletics member countries) will be additionally classified in the TEAM UP! Europe competition. Including, of course – taking part in the distribution of prizes!

Guaranteed prizes

Should anyone doubt whether it is worth fighting for, we remind you what prizes are waiting for the best teams:

EUR 20,000

EUR 12,000

EUR 9,000

EUR 6,000

EUR 5,000

EUR 4,000

The start of team registration for TEAM UP! Everyone is just days away. Read the rules and FAQ and start building a team that will compete for prizes with teams from all over Europe!

Build your squad and fight for victory!

You can apply for the new competition format only if you have already been assigned a starting number for the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon (this requirement applies to all runners in a team). Such an application does not involve any additional fees and you only need to fill out the form. The team should have a minimum of three and a maximum of four runners, including at least one female and one male runner.

A team can be submitted by one of its members – it will be a running manager (captain). The final result of the team is the sum of the results of three people: the result of the faster man, the result of the faster woman and the better result of the other two, where the basis is not the time, but the score calculated automatically as per World Athletics conversion tables.

Results Calculator: https://caltaf.com/pointscalc/calc.html

That’s the deal – we invite you to the TEAM UP! Everyone. Set off along with professional runners and compete for financial prizes. Show what you’re capable of! Registration opens in August 2023.