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MOYA brand supports the event

01-09-2023 12:09

MOYA will take an active part in the organisation of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. The popular chain of petrol stations, as the event’s supporting brand, will prepare a special relaxation zone at the finish area with delicious coffee and other drinks, and will also provide gifts to the starter packs.

A fixture for 45 years, the Warsaw Marathon is the largest and most popular running event in Poland. The Anwim company, the owner of the MOYA brand, is involved in activities supporting this prestigious competition. As part of the partnership, MOYA will prepare a special zone in the finish area. It will be a place for regeneration, where the runners and their loved ones will unwind over great coffee, which is available every day at Caffe MOYA. The youngest fans will get fruit juices and hot chocolate. Runners will also find a gift in the starter packs – an energy drink that will give them strength during their special race.

The 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, attracting runners from all over Poland and from abroad, is an opportunity to promote physical activity and to support charities. These areas are in line with the values of Anwim, with their initiatives promoting sustainable lifestyle and environmental care.

The 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon is another event by the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation and supported by MOYA. The brand was actively involved in the 17th Ekiden – Marathon of Relays, and the 17th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon. Employees of Anwim, the owner of the MOYA chain, took part in each of these races as well. On September 24, the company’s staff will also take the marathon challenge.

MOYA petrol station chain

MOYA petrol stations are present in all Polish provinces along the main transit routes, local roads and in cities. They offer top quality fuels: 95 and 98 octane petrol, LPG as well as diesel oil in the standard and premium versions – ON MOYA Power. Trucks and delivery vehicles can use dispensers ensuring fast refuelling and access to the increasingly popular AdBlue liquid. An interesting option for fleet customers is the MOYA Firma program, facilitating cashless payments. The MOYA Firma mobile application allows for convenient and effective car fleet management. Some MOYA stations are additionally equipped with lorry parking lots, car washes, compressors and vacuum cleaners. The chain’s stations meet the highest standards of service and quality. All fuels offered at MOYA comply with the current fuel quality standards and regulations, additionally guaranteed by TanQ – the independent fuel testing program.