29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Photos from RunPixie

21-09-2022 11:09

44. Warsaw Marathon, Bridgestone Marathon Relay, or maybe Warsaw’s 10 KM Run?
RunPixie, a new EU-funded startup, has your best running race photos – taken both by professional photographers and bystanders!
Before the race: Tell your friends and family, who are going to cheer you on the race, to take pictures of all runners, and they will get a fair commission (8 PLN from each package sold goes to the authors, so the best can get a pretty decent cut). Moreover, everyone will get more pics – it is a win-win for everybody. They just need to upload them after the race to https://app.runpixie.com

After the race: go to https://www.runpixie.com and type your bib number. Preview the pics in low-res with a watermark and decide if the day of your success is worth documenting in photos. As RunPixie has just started, the pricing is promotional – for just 29,99 PLN you can download all of your pictures.