29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Regulations – Warsaw 10k

Statutes and Regulations

Regulations of 2nd Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k

I. The organizer

  1. The organizer of 2nd Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k is Warsaw Marathon Foundation, 15 Brylantowa str., 05-077 Warsaw, registered under Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 9521913280 and Business Identification Number (REGON) 015438288, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warszawa in Warsaw under the numer (KRS) 0000152754.
  2. Contact with the organizer, including to file a complaint, is available via phone: (+48 22) 266 21 00, by email: info@warsawmarathon.com or by ordinary mail to the mailing address: Fundacja Maraton Warszawski, ul. Grochowska 8c, 04-217 Warszawa, Poland.

II. Date and venue

    1. The race will take place on 24th of September 2023 in the streets of Warsaw.
    2. The race will start at 9:30 am. The starting line will be closed after around 5 minutes from the start signal.
    3. The distance of the course is 10 km. The course is approved and certified by Polish Athletic Association (PZLA) and World Athletics.
    4. The exact course of the race will be announced on the website https://maratonwarszawski.com/. Organizer has the right to change the course and in such an event will inform the participants by posting a new course on https://maratonwarszawski.com/. Such a change shall not create any additional claims and/or liabilities.
    5. Every kilometer of the course will be marked with vertical and horizontal signs.
    6. Organizer has the right to change the start time and in such an event will inform the participants by by posting relevant information on https://maratonwarszawski.com/. Such a change shall not create any additional claims and/or liabilities.

III. Time limit

    1. Time limit of the race is 1 hours 20 minutes counted from the start signal.
    2. The participants who will fail to complete the race within the time limit are obliged to give it up and leave the course.
    3. Participants remaining on the route after the specified time limit do so at their own risk and responsibility pursuant to Polish traffic regulations and Polish Civil Code

IV. Participation

    1. Only individuals who are at least 16 years old are allowed to participate in the race (born before 25.09.2007).
    2. In order to participate in the race each participant is to undergo identity check in the race office or use the option of shipping of the race kit (regulated in section VI of these Regulations). The identity check at the race office can be made:
      1. in person – on the basis of identity document with picture
      2. by an authorized person – on the basis of signed by the participant race card (available to print out form the event website around two weeks before the race) and photocopy of identity document of the participant.
    3. The address of the race office: Palace of Culture and Science (entrance by Marszałkowska str.), 1 Defilad square, 00-901 Warsaw
      Race office opening hours:
      22nd of September 2023 (Friday) – 2:00 pm. – 8:00 pm.
      23rd of September 2023 (Saturday) – 10:00 am. – 8:00 pm.
      Attention! The race office will be closed on the day of the race.
    4. At the race office every participant will receive an individual race kit with, among others, starting number, time measuring chip, safety pins and keepsake T-shirt (according to the selected race kit option). T-shirts at the race office will be distributed pursuant to previous declaration of participants. T-shirt size shall be chosen in the application form. Change in the size will be possible in the application form but not later than on 12th of September 2023. The number of T-shirts in each size is limited and the availability of each size is not guaranteed at all times.
    5. Race kits not collected in the race office will be neither sent nor distributed in any other way at a later date.
    6. During the race all participants shall have their bib numbers horizontally attached to the front of their race tops (or sweatshirt or jacket). The bib number shall be visible during whole race. Covering (in part or in whole during whole race or its part) or modification of starting number is forbidden under the penalty of disqualification. Participants are also obliged to properly install the time measuring chip (as stated in its instruction). The time measuring chip is integrated with the bib number.  Interference in the time measuring chip do pomiaru czasu (folding, tearing, dismantling etc) or placing it in other ways than horizontally attached in front of the runner’s chest may result in inappropriate action of the chip and, as a consequence, in lack of time measurement.
    7. The organizer allows the start of participants on wheelchairs with direct manual drive. After filling in the application form where he/she declares the will to start on wheelchair, the participant shall send an email to info@warsawmarathon.com with a document proving his/her disability attached – which is a condition for granting a 50% discount of entry fee (race kit without T-shirt). It is not allowed to start on vehicles: with indirect drive (e.g. handbike) or rim-push type.
    8. Participants of the race are obliged to follow the Regulations of the race, and rules of PZLA and World Athletics.
    9. According to the PZLA guidelines, participants representing Russia and Belarus are excluded from participation in the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. The exception are Participants of Belarusian nationality who permanently reside in Poland and will send a scan of the DECLARATION to info@warsawmarathon.com. These competitors start without representing any country
    10. 10.The Organizer provides medical care on the starting line, along race course and on the finish line.
    11. 11.The Organizer provides medical assistance at the start, along the course and at the finish line of the race.

V. Registration

    1. In order to register for the race one shall fill in the registration form available at https://maratonwarszawski.com/ and https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/.
    2. Registration is considered to be complete when following conditions are met: application form is filled in and the entry fee payment is credited to organizer’s account.
    3. It is possible to register for 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon by choosing one of two paths:
      1. ordinary path – filling in registration form available on event’s website and settling the entry fee.
      2. charity path – taking part in the charity action #BiegamDobrze regulated in separate regulations.
    4. Online registration will be closed on 23.09.2023. Signing up for the race will be also possible personally at the Race Office of the 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k, with the reservation that the total pool of the bib numbers for those who register after 21.09.2023 and those available at the Race Office is 200.
    5. The Organizer reserves the right to close the registration before the above mentioned date if the limit of participants indicated in point V. 4. is reached prior to it.

VI. Shipping the race kit

  1. The participants of the 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k may use the option of Race Kit shipment.
  2. The shipment of the Race Kit means shipping of a package containing the Race Kit (race bib, timing chip, safety pins and a commemorative T-shirt – according to the selected race kit option) via DHL Parcel Polska Sp. z o.o. http://www.dhl.com/pl-pl to the address indicated by the Participant, on the terms set out in the Regulations for the provision of domestic shipping and postal services by DHL Parcel Polska Sp. z o. o.
  3. The shipment of the Race Kit is available only within the territory of Poland.
  4. The shipment of the Race Kit is an additional fee option. The fee for sending a Race Kit is PLN 35 / EUR 9 (gross) for one Participant.
  5. Ordering and paying the option of shipping the race kit is possible until 4th of September 2023.
  6. The condition for shipping the race kit is having a bib number (sent after the entry fee is credited) not later than on 4th of September 2023 and sending a clear scan or photo of the signed Race Card to the address wysylka@maratonwarszawski.com. The deadline for sending the above mentioned documents expires on 7th of September 2023. In the event of non-delivery of the required documents, the race kit can be collected at the Race Office on the standard basis, and the shipping fee is not reimbursed.
  7. The shipments will take place about two weeks before the Race. In the event of not receiving the delivery until 19th of September 2023, the Participant shall report this fact to the Organizer at wysylka@maratonwarszawski.com.
  8. The participant using the shipment option is not required to be verified at the Race Office.

VII. Entry fees

    1. Each participant of the 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k bears the cost of the entry fee. The exception is the participants of the #BiegamDobrze charity program, who are subject to the procedure described in a separate REGULATIONS. The starting fee consists of the starting package (point IV. 3. of the Regulations), as well as service for the runner before, during and after the competition, rental and/or purchase of infrastructure necessary to organize the run, as well as maintenance of the online competition registration website and the competition website.
      The rates are as follows:
    2. EUR Rates


Entry fee value
    1. First 500 bibs, no later than 31st July 2023
EUR 20
    1. from bib number 501
    2. until 31st July 2023
EUR 23
    1. from 1st of August 2023
    2. until 10 September 2023
EUR 25
    1. from 11th September 2023 on
    2. (incl at race office)
EUR 28


3. Extra services

1. New Balance technical T-shirt EUR 20

2. Resignation fee (Insurance of fee return at resignation)


3. Race kit shipment


4. Medal engraving

EUR 6Polish citizens and residents pay discounted entry fee:


4. Discounted rates for Polish citizens and residents


    1. Entry fee 
    1. First 500 bibs, no later than 31st July 2023

69 zł

    1. from bib number 501
    2. until 31st July 2023

79 zł

    1. from 1st of August 2023
    2. until 10 September 2023

89 zł

    1. from 11th September 2023 on
    2. (incl at race office)

99 zł 

    1. 5. Extra services


1.New Balance technical T-shirt

79 zł

2. Resignation fee (Insurance of fee return at resignation)

25 zł

3. Race kit shipment

35 zł

4. Medal engraving

25 zł

6. The number of T-shirts is limited. If a participant has chosen the T-shirt in the application form, but did not pay the fee within 7 days of sending the application and the status of available t-shirts is low, the Organizer reserves the right to delete selected (but not paid for) T-shirt from register form, informing the participant by e-mail.
Runners who will settle the entry fee after 17th of September 2023 and will not receive the confirmation with starting number will have to present the confirmation of the payment in the race office in order to receive their bib number.

7. If the payment is made in an insufficient amount (e.g. as a result of exceeding the deadlines listed in the Regulations) the remaining difference to the amount that should have been transferred according to the date of the first transfer must be paid by the participant.

8. Entry fee may be settled by online payment (from the registration profile) via https://www.payu.pl/
For settlement and safety of transactions is responsible PayU S.A. with the registered office in Poznań, 60-166 Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 182, having tax identification number NIP: 7792308495, REGON 300523444, a domestic payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, entered into the Payment Services Register under number IP1/2012.  PayU REGULATIONS.

9. For participants on wheelchairs, the Organizer grants a discount on the entry fee in the amount of 50% of the basic entry fee (kit without T-shirt) applicable at the time of entry fee settlement. The obligatory condition is email to info@warsawmarathon.com with document proving disability attached.

10.As soon as the entry fee is credited to the bank account of the organizer, a race number will appear on the start list at maratonwarszawski.com next to the participant’s name. If the starting number will not appear within 7 days from the day of money transfer, the participant is obliged to contact the organizer via (+48 22) 266 21 00 or info@warsawmarathon.com

11.The organizer is not liable for the loss of registration form, money order or bank transfer by the fault of post office or a bank.

12.Based on article 38 point 12 of the Act on consumer rights of Participants who are consumers within the meaning of article 221 of the Polish Civil Code, there is no right to withdraw from the contract.

13.Once paid, the entry fee is non-refundable. The exception is the situation when the Participant selects and pays for the option “Resignation Fee” during registration. The cost of the service is PLN 25 / EUR 6 and is non-refundable.

14.In the case of purchasing the service covered by the Resignation Fee indicated above, the Participant has the option to resigning from taking part in the race without giving a reason and receiving a 100% refund of the paid entry fee (including extra services). The condition for using the resignation service is claiming resignation no later than by 20th September 2023 (in direct race kit pick-up option) or by 7th September 2023 (if the shipment option had been chosed). The Resignation Fee is 25 PLN and is non-refundable (also in case of resignation).

15.Resignation indicated in point VII. 10. should be made by log-in into the participant’s account on the https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/ and selecting the “Resign from Race” button in the YOUR EVENTS tab.

16.A Participant who resigns from the Race will receive a 100% refund of the entry fee and the purchased additional services (except for the Resignation Fee) within 21 days, using the same payment method as the fee was paid.

17.The reimbursement indicated in point VII. 12. shall not apply to entry fees paid using the “promotional code”.

18.Participants who want to receive an invoice for the paid starting fee should select the appropriate option in the registration form and enter the required data needed to issue the document. The invoice will be generated automatically after the payment has been credited and will be made available for downloading from the participant’s profile by the 15th day of the month following the month in which the payment took place.

19. In accordance with tax regulations, due to making a payment before the service is performed, an advance payment invoice will be issued covering the full amount of the payment made. Thus, the advance payment invoice is also the final invoice.

20. By selecting the Invoice option, the Participant agrees to send/share invoices without the recipient’s signature, in electronic form. This consent does not exclude the Organizer’s right to issue and send invoices in paper form.

21.In order to receive a pro forma invoice, please send: the invoice data, the number and the list of participants (with the registration numbers) together with the information about the chosen option of the race kit to the address ksiegowosc@maratonwarszawski.com. Pro forma invoices are issued for the participation of at least two participants (there is no possibility of receiving a pro forma invoice for the participation of a single person).

VIII.Deposits, refreshments

    1. Participants will receive a special deposit bag in the race kit which will allow them to leave their deposit in a special deposit area. The deposits will be given back only on the basis of starting number. In case of lost bib number the organizer is discharged from any liability for giving the deposit to an unauthorised participant. Attention! It is forbidden to leave valuable objects and documents in the deposit.
    2. Participants have possibility to use changing room before the race.
    3. Participants get a regeneration package after the finish line (water and fruit).

IX. Time splits

    1. Time splits will be taken along the race course.
    2. The staff working at time splits note down the bib numbers of participants taking shortcuts. Participants who take shortcuts or change the course will be disqualified.

X. Classifications and results

    1. The following classifications will be held during 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k:
      1. General
      2. General for men and general for women
      3. Age classifications for men and women:
        • F-16 / M-16 (age group 2000-2007)
        • F-24 / M-24 (age group 1994-1999)
        • F-30 / M-30 (age group 1984-1993)
        • F-40 / M-40 (age group 1974-1983)
        • F-50 / M-50 (age group 1964-1973)
        • F-60 / M-60 (age group 1954-1963)
        • F-70 / M-70 (age group 1944-1953)
        • F-80 / M-80 (1943 and over)
      1. Classification of participants on wheelchairs (participants on wheelchairs are excluded from other classifications).
    1. Electronic time measurment is the basis of classification. Special measuring mats, which will indicate the presence of the runner in the place, will be placed along the course. In the event where participant is not indicated by a time measuring mat, he/she may be disqualified.
    2. The general classification is based on real time (net – measured from crossing the starting line). The exception is the first 50 participants crossing the finish line – they are classified on the basis of official times (gun times), provided that if within the first 50 finishers there are at least 3 men and 3 women, if not – the number of 50 people will be enlarged to meet this requirement. All age classifications (age-based) is based on real time (net – measured from crossing the starting line).
    3. Every participant will receive information about both gun times and net times in final results.
    4. Unofficial results will be posted on maratonwarszawski.com immediately after the race.
    5. The results of branch categories will be posted on maratonwarszawski.com in three days after the race.
    6. Written complaints about the results can be sent to info@warsawmarathon.com untill 26th of September 2023, 6.00 pm. The complaints will be considered within 96 hours and final and official results will be announced on 9th of October 2023.
    7. The certificate of completion of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k will be available for printing out in 21 days after the race at maratonwarszawski.com.
    8. The organizer reserves the right to introduce additional categories.
  1.  XI. Prizes
    1. Each finisher of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k will receive the finisher’s medal at the finish line.
    2. The finishers of places 1-3 in general categories for men and for women will receive statuettes and financial prizes, at the following amounts: 1200/800/400 PLN for places 1-3 respectively.
    3. The organizer may offer other trophies and prizes in categories of their choice.
  1. XII. Personal data protection
    1. Personal data of participants will be processed in accordance with the applicable provisions, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
    2. Processing of data indicated in point XII.1. also includes the publication of: name, surname, date of birth, city and name of the club.
    3. Detailed information about processing of personal data is included to Annex 1 to this Regulations.


XIII. Final provisions

    1. Any complaints must be made by the Participant within 7 days from the date of receiving the race kit. Participant, after receiving the race kit, should check whether it is complete. The Participant will receive a response to the complaint immediately, no later than within 30 days of its submission.
    2. Staying on the route of 2nd Nice To Fit You Warsaw 10k without a valid bib number is prohibited. Participants without valid bib numbers will be removed from the route by the service crew of the race. No inline skates, bikes, nordic walking sticks or other devices are allowed without the organizer’s permission. Running with dogs is also prohibited. Only vehicles of the organizer with valid pass issued by the organizer have access on the route (bicycles, motorcycles, cars).
    3. In order to obtain an individual consent for the start with a pram, the Participant shall send a scan of his/her STATEMENT to info@warsawmarathon.com and deliver the original to the Race Office by the race kit collection.
    4. During the race participants shall obey orders given by services responsible for safety, emergency services and other staff members appointed by the organizer.
    5. The organizer assures personal accident insurance during the race.
    6. Each participant is obliged to sign the declaration of acquaintance with rules and regulations of the race. By signing the declaration participant agrees for giving to him/her first aid by medical and paramedical services and for medical treatment and the transportation of the participant to safe place in case of emergency by services approved by the organizer.
    7. The participant declares that he/she is able to take part in the race and that he/she has no knowledge of any reasons connected with his/her state of health that could exclude him/her from participation in the race and that he/she takes part in the race on his/her own responsibility. The participant notes that participating in the run is connected with physical effort, natural risk of accident, body injury and physical trauma (including death) and material loss. Additionally, other risks which are unforeseeable now can occur. Signing this document means that the participant considered all the risks connected with the run and will start the run on his own responsibility. All the decisions made by medical service during the race about the continuation of the race by the participant are final and binding.
    8. A random obligatory doping control will be carried out after the race.
    9. By signing up to participate in the race the Participant accepts these Regulations and agrees for the free use of his image in the form of photographs or video recordings, and grants the Organizer free of charge license to use it in all fields of use, including printing/saving and spreading in any form and keeping in computer memory; to use it for promotion of the events organized by Warsaw Marathon Foundation; to share it with sponsors and partners of Warsaw Marathon for their promotion in the context of participation in the event; to post and publish it in the publications of Warsaw Marathon Foundation and on promotional printed materials of the Organizer, in press, on websites and in television and radio programs.
    10. 10.The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the race without justification.
    11. 11.Placement of advertisement materials on the elements of event infrastructure (i.e. fences, gates etc.) constitutes an exclusive right of the Organiser and is reserved especially for the official sponsors/partners of the race. It is not allowed to place any advertising medium along the course of the race and in the areas used for the organisation of the event (e.g. starting line zone, runner’s village) without prior consent of the Organiser.
    12. 12.Only the organizer of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k has the right for binding and final interpretation of these regulations. The organizer makes final decisions in matters not stipulated in these regulations. If any of these regulations are considered fully or in part as invalid or impossible to execute the rest of the regulations will stay (fully or in part) valid.
    13. 13.Participants and other people staying in the event area are prohibited from behaviors that call for violence and for wearing and presenting symbols that call for aggression or support warfare. People breaking the ban will be removed from the route and event area.
    14. 14.The Participant and the Organizer will strive to resolve any disputes arising between them in an amicable manner, in particular it is possible to use mediation.

Special regulations related to the current epidemic situation (SARS-CoV-2)

    1. The organizer has the right to:
      1. change the date of the race
      2. changing the time of start
      3. introducing the division or resigning from the division* of the race into rounds and / or starting waves
      4. changing the route of the run (including organization the race at loop)
      5. introducing a limit of participants
      6. introducing additional restrictions and sanitary requirements (e.g. the need to undergo a body temperature measurement when entering the marathon village, the need to complete a declaration regarding the absence of infection, no symptoms of infection and not subject to compulsory quarantine, the need to cover the mouth and nose in a marathon village, etc. )
      7. changes in the number and supply of refresh / nutrition points
    2. and take other necessary actions to ensure the possibility of organize the run according to applicable regulations and to ensure the safety of its participants and staff.
    3. The organizer will inform about the changes (including changes to the regulations) on the website maratonwarszawski.com. The organizer will inform individual participants via e-mail and / or SMS about key changes regarding the possibility of participating in the race.
    4. If it is necessary to limit the number of participants in the race below the number of people already registered, the organizer will announce the rules for allocating slots in the race. When determining the rules, the organizer may use the following factors: selected registration path, confirmation of willingness to participate (within a specified period) ), SARS-CoV-2 vaccination status* and the order of applications. The organizer may also decide to conduct a draw.
    5. In the event of a change in the date of the race (point XIV. 1. i.) or limitation of the number of participants resulting in the inability to participate in the race (point XIV. 3.), the participant may apply for a refund of the fee paid. The reimbursement is made in the same way as the fee was paid (in the case of transferring the fee from another race or another participant – the funds remain to be used to another race in the future). A change of the date is not considered to be if the race is played in several turns – provided that some of them are carried out on the originally planned day. Other organizational changes are not the basis for applying for a refund of the starting fee.Annex 1 to
      Regulations of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k


Who is the administrator of your personal data?
The administrator of your personal data is the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw at 15 Brylantowa str., 05-077 Warsaw (registered under Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 9521913280, Business Identification Number (REGON) 015438288, National Court Register (KRS): 0000152754). Contact with the personal data administrator is possible at info@maratonwarszawski.com.

For what purpose and on what basis are your personal data processed?

    1. provision of electronic services:
      1. performance of the agreement – that is, your participation in the race
    2. performance of the agreement – that is, your participation in the race:
      1. participation in the races you apply for via the registration website rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com (preparation of the race kit, insurance, results summarizing, awarding, etc.)
      2. publishing publicly available starting lists and results
      3. providing payment services
      4. sending organizational information (e-mail / SMS) about the races you register for via the registration page rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com
      5. handling requests and correspondence that you direct to us
      6. making contact with you
      7. allowing a charity organization supported by you (in the case of charity registration path #BiegamDobrze) to contact you
    3. fulfillment of legal obligations of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation:
      1. for tax and accounting purposes
    4. for purposes resulting from the legitimate interests of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation:
      1. conducting direct marketing of products and services
      2. handling requests and correspondence that you direct to us
      3. making contact with you
      4. counteracting fraud and abuse
    5. based on your consent:
      1. sending marketing information (email / SMS)

Do you have to provide your personal data?
Providing personal data is necessary for both your participation in a race and keeping your account on the registration website rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com.
Failure to provide your personal data makes it impossible to conclude the agreement and participate in the race.

How long will your personal data be processed?
Your data will be processed during the period of using the rejestracja.martonwarszawski.com website and participation in races for which you register via the Website.

At the end of this period, your data will continue to be stored for purposes arising from law (especially tax and accounting), as well as counteracting fraud and abuse and seeking possible claims under the agreement.
Part of your data (especially those that are included in the results of the race) can also be processed after this term for statistical and archival purposes.

Who will be the recipient of your personal data?
Your personal data will be disclosed to employees, associates and subcontractors of the Administrator to the extent necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned purposes of processing personal data.
Starting lists and results containing basic personal data will be publicly available, including the publication on the website of the race.
What rights do you have for the processing of your personal data?
You have the right to request: access to your personal data, correction, removal and restriction of their processing. In addition, you have the right to object to the processing and transfer of them.
In addition, with respect to processing that takes place on the basis of your consent – you have the right to revoke it at any time.

Who can you complain to about how your personal data is processed?
You can submit a complaint to the supervisory body: President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, 2 Stawki str., 00-193 Warsaw.

= = =

Regulations of charity program organized during 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k

    1. Participant has two paths to choose during application process:
      1. ordinary path – filling in the application form available on the event’s website and settling the entry fee
      2. charity path – taking part in charity action #BiegamDobrze, regulated hereby.
    2. To register for the participation in the #BiegamDobrze action one shall
      1. choose “charity path” in application form
      2. choose the charity for which the money will be collected and transferred. Participant may choose from following 8 organizations: Rak’n’Roll – Win Your Life! Foundation, Amnesty International, Empowering Children Foundation, SYNAPSIS Foundation, “Premature Parents to Parents” Foundation, Spartans for Children Foundation, Polish Humanitarian Action, “Saving Kids with Cancer” Foundation, DKMS Foundation.
      3. fill in all required data on money raising profile (the profile will be accesible by every user of the website and through this profile users will be able to donate money for the participant’s fundraising)
      4. fill in the standard application form (declared result, additional classification, t-shirt size etc.).
    3. After completing the registration, the participant shall receive an e-mail with a link to his/her individual fundraising profile.
    4. Participants who successfully collect 250 PLN on their profile until 31st of August 2023, get their bib numbers of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k. The organization covers then the costs of the participation in the race.
    5. The bib number obtained in this way together with the charity starting kit for the 4 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k is not refundable or transferable to another participant or to another race.
    6. Found raising of participants that will not manage to collect sum stipulated in point 4. end on 31st of August 2023 and the funds collected in this way are transferred in accordance with point 8. of these regulations.
    7. Participants that will manage to collect this sum (or more) are allowed to collect money until 4th of October 2023.
    8. Collected money, after deducting the costs of fees and provisions (connected with online payment) ale divided as follows:
      1. 90% of the sum is transferred to the account of chosen charity
      2. 10% of the collected sum of money will be dedicated to the maintenance and development of #BiegamDobrze action and the statutory purposes of Warsaw Marathon Foundation.
    9. The division does not depend on the amount of collected money and success or failure of aim stipulated in point 4.
    10. Participant may resign from collecting money and transfer his/her application from “charity path” to “ordinary path” by chosing that option in his/her profile at website https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/. In that case already collected money are transferred to charity organization in accordance to point 8.
    11. A competitor participating in the #BiegamDobrze charity program who received the bib number referred to in point 4 may order, in accordance with the regulations of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, a T-shirt, which must be paid for by 7th of September 2023 at the latest.
    12. Participants of #BiegamDobrze project shall obey the Regulations of 2nd Nice to Fit You Warsaw 10k.