29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

Mini Marathon – regulations

Regulations of Mini Marathon

  1. The organizer
    1. The organizer of Mini Marathon is Warsaw Marathon Foundation. 15 Brylantowa str., 05-077 Warsaw, registered under Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 9521913280 and Business Identification Number (REGON) 015438288.
    2. Contact with the organizer is available via phone: (+48) 737-444-810 and (+48 22) 749-13-33 (number not available between 26th and 29th of September 2019), by email: info@warsawmarathon.com or by ordinary mail to the mailing address: Fundacja Maraton Warszawski, ul. Grochowska 8c, 04-217 Warszawa, Poland.
  2. Date and venue
    1. Races will take place on 23rd September 2023 in Warsaw, Emilii Plater st.
    2. Category, distance and time of start depends on the participant’s age:
      i. Crawlers Race – up to 3 years old (2020-2022) – ca. 80 meters –
      I round, 11:00 – no. from A101
      II round, 11:15 – no. from A201
      III round, 11:30 – no. from A301
      IV round, 11:45 – no. from A401
      V round, 12:00 – no. from A501

      ii. Toddlers Race – 4-5 years old (2018-2019) – ca. 100 meters
      I round, 12:15 – no. from B101
      II round, 12:30 – no. from B201
      III round, 12:45 – no. from B301
      IV round, 13:00 – no. from B401
      V round, 13:15 – no. from B501

      iii. Wobblers Race – 6-7 years old (2016-2017) – ca. 150 meters
      I round, 13:30 – no. from C101
      II round, 13:45 – no. from C201
      III round, 14:00 – no. from C301
      IV round, 14:15 – no. from C401
      iv. Twisters Race – 8-9 years old (2014-2015) – ca. 200 meters
      I round, 14:30 – no. from D101
      II round, 14:45 – no. from D201
      III round, 15:00 – no. from D301

      v. Cadets Race – 10-11 years old (2012-2013) – ca. 400 meters
      I round, 15:15 – no. from E101
      II round, 15:30 – no. from E201
      vi. Juniors Race – 12-13 years old (2010-2011) – ca. 750 meters
      I round, 15:45 – no. from F101
      vii. Challengers Race – 14-16 years old (2007-2009) – ca. 1,500
      I round, 16:00 – no. from G101

    3. The above mentioned times of starts are indicative. Exact times of starts will be announced on website https://nnmaratonwarszawski.com/ about 2 weeks prior to the races.

III. Participation

  1. Children up to 16 years of age are allowed to take part in the race (born in 2003 or later).
  2. In one round can start maximally 80 children (40 children in the Crawlers Race). The Organizer plans to organize one round or a couple of rounds in each age category. The Organizer plans to carry out up to 48 rounds at 5 / 10 / 15 minutes intervals (depending on the distance). The number of registered participants determines the number of rounds in each age category. Participant will be allocated to a specific round at the moment of settling the entry fee. There is no possibility to choose or to change the allocated round. The Organizer will inform on the website of the event when there are no more available starting numbers in a given age category.
  3. Participants take part in the races on their own (without parent / keeper). The exception is the youngest age category (up to 3 years old), where child may start with one parent / keeper.
  4. All participants taking part in the races shall be verified in the Race Office. Children are verified on the basis of a Race Card (available to download from the website about two weeks before the race) signed by parent/legal guardian presented to the Race Office by the registrant or other person indicated by the registrant.
    Address of race office: Służewiec Racetrack (Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec), ul. Puławska 266
    Race office opening hours:
    22nd of September 2023 (Friday) – 12:00 pm. – 8:00 pm.
    23rd of September 2023 (Saturday) – 10:00 am. –  until 30 minutes before start
  5. At the race office every participant will receive an individual race kit with, among others, starting number, time measuring chip and safety pins.
  6. Race kits not collected in the race office will be neither sent nor distributed in any other way at a later date.
  7. During the race all participants shall have their starting numbers horizontally attached to the front of their race tops (alternatively sweatshirt or jacket). Starting number shall be visible during whole race. Covering (in part or in whole during whole race or its part) or modification of starting number is forbidden under the penalty of disqualification. Participants are also obliged to properly install the time measuring chip (as stated in its instruction).
  8. The organizer provides medical care on the starting line, along race course and on the finish line.

IV. Registration

  1. In order to register for the race one shall fill in the registration form available at maratonwarszawski.com and https://rejestracja.nnmaratonwarszawski.com/en/.
  2. Registration are made by the parent / legal guardian of his/her account on the website stipulated in point IV. 1.
  3. Registration is considered to be complete when following conditions are met: application form is filled in and the entry fee payment is credited to organizer’s account. Only filling in the registration form does not guarantee the participation in the Race.
  4. Online registration will be closed on 22.09.2023. Signing up for the race will also be possible personally at the Race Office of the Mini Marathon (only on 22.09.2023).
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to close the online registration when the participants limit stipulated in point III. 2 is reached.
  1. Entry fees
    1. In order to start in Mini Marathon, each participants shall pay the entry fee in the amount of 35 PLN.
    2. Entry fee may be settled by online payment (from the aplication profile) via https://www.payu.pl/
      For settlement and safety of transactions is responsible PayU S.A. with the registered office in Poznań, 60-166 Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 182, having tax identification number NIP: 7792308495, REGON 300523444, a domestic payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, entered into the Payment Services Register under number IP1/2012.
    3. As soon as the entry fee is credited to the bank account of the organizer a race number will appear on the start list at maratonwarszawski.com next to the participant’s name. If the starting number will not appear within 7 days from the day of money transfer, the participant is obliged to contact with the organizer via (+48) 737-444-810 or info@warsawmarathon.com
    4. The organizer is not liable for the loss of registration form, money order or bank transfer by the fault of post office or a bank.
    5. Once paid, the fee is not subject to reimbursement or transfer (onto another participant or onto another race).
    6. Participant who want to receive an invoice for the paid entry fee should select the appropriate option in the registration form and enter the required data needed to issue the document. The invoice will be generated automatically after the payment has been credited and will be made available for downloading from the participant’s profile by the 15th day of the month following the month in which the payment took place.
      In accordance with tax regulations, due to making a payment before the service is performed, an advance payment invoice will be issued covering the full amount of the payment made. Thus, the advance payment invoice is also the final invoice.
      By selecting the Invoice option, the Participant agrees to send/share invoices without the recipient’s signature, in electronic form. This consent does not exclude the Organizer’s right to issue and send invoices in paper form.
    7. In order to receive a pro forma invoice, please send: the invoice data, the number and the list of participants (with the registration numbers) together with the information about the chosen option of the race kit to the address ksiegowosc@maratonwarszawski.com. Pro forma invoices are issued for the participation of at least two participants (there is no possibility of receiving a pro forma invoice for the participation of a single person).
  2. Deposits
    1. Participants have possibility to leave their deposit in a special deposit area. The deposits will be given back only on the basis of starting number. In case of lost starting number the organizer is discharged from any liability for giving the deposit to someone else. Attention! It is forbidden to leave valuable objects and documents in the deposit.
    2. Participants have possibility to use changing room before and after the race.
  3. Classifications and results
    1. The following classifications will be held during Mini Marathon (separately for each age category, each classification is a sum of results in all rounds of a given category):
      1. General
      2. General for boys and general for girls
    2. Electronic time measurment is the basis of classification.
    3. The general classification is based on official times (gross – gun).
    4. Unofficial results will be posted on maratonwarszawski.com just after the race.
    5. Written complaints about the results can be sent to info@warsawmarathon.com untill 1st of October 2023, 6.00 pm. The complaints will be considered within 48 hours and final and official results will be announced on 12th of October 2019.
    6. The certificate of completion of Mini Marathon will be available to print out in 14 days after the race at maratonwarszawski.com.
    7. The organizer reserves the right to introduce additional categories.
  4. Prizes
    1. Every finisher of Mini Marathon will receive a finisher’s keepsake medal at the finish line.
    2. The finishers of places 1-3 in general categories for girls and boys will receive keepsake trophies.
    3. The organizer may offer other trophies and prizes in categories of their choice.
  5. Personal data protection
    1. Personal data of participants will be processed in accordance with the applicable provisions, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
    2. Processing of data mentioned in point XI.7. also includes the publication of: name, surname, date of birth, city and name of the club.
    3. Detailed information about processing of personal data is included to Annex 1 to this Regulations.
  6. Final provisions
    1. Staying on the route of Mini Marathon without a valid start number is prohibited. People without valid start numbers will be removed from the route by the service crew of the run. No inline skates, bikes, nordic walking sticks or other devices are allowed without the organizer’s permission. Running with dogs is also prohibited. Only vehicles of the organizer with valid pass issued by the organizer have access on the route.
    2. During the race participants shall obey orders given by services responsible for safety, emergency services and other staff members appointed by the organizer.
    3. The organizer assures personal accident insurance during the race.
    4. Every parent / legal guardian is obliged to sign the declaration of acquaintance with rules and regulations of the race. By signing the declaration parent / legal guardian agrees for giving first aid by medical and paramedical services and for medical treatment and the transportation of the participant to safe place in case of emergency by services approved by the organizer.
    5. Parent / legal guardian declares that participant is able to take part in the race and that he/she has no knowledge of any reasons connected with his/her state of health that could exclude him/her from participation in the race and that he/she takes part in the race on his/her own responsibility. The participant notes that participating in the run is connected with physical effort, natural risk of accident, body injury and physical trauma (including death) and material loss. Additionally, other risks which are unforeseeable now can occur. Signing this document means that parent / legal guardian considered all the risks connected with the run and will start the run on his own responsibility. All the decisions made by medical service during the race about the continuation of the race by the participant are final and binding.
    6. By signing up to participate in the race parent / legal guardian accepts these Regulations and agrees for the free use of his image in the form of photographs or video recordings, and grants the Organizer free of charge license to use it in all fields of use, including printing/saving and spreading in any form and keeping in computer memory; to use it for promotion of the events organized by Warsaw Marathon Foundation; to share it with sponsors and partners of Mini Marathon for their promotion in the context of participation in the event; to post and publish it in the publications of Warsaw Marathon Foundation and on promotional printed materials of the Organizer, in press, on websites and in television and radio programs.
    7. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the race without justification.
    8. Placement of advertisement materials on the elements of event infrastructure (i.e. fences, gates etc.) constitutes an exclusive right of the Organiser and is reserved especially for the official sponsors/partners of the race. It is not allowed to place any advertising medium along the course of the race and in the areas used for the organisation of the event (e.g. starting line zone, finish area) without prior consent of the Organiser.
    9. Only the organizer of Mini Marathon has the right for binding and final interpretation of these regulations. The organizer makes final decisions in matters not stipulated in these regulations. If any of these regulations are considered fully or in part as invalid or impossible to execute the rest of the regulations will stay (fully or in part) valid.



Annex 1 to
Regulations of Mini Marathon




Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The administrator of your personal data is the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw at 15 Brylantowa str., 05-077 Warsaw (registered under Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 9521913280, Business Identification Number (REGON) 015438288, National Court Register (KRS): 0000152754). Contact with the personal data administrator is possible at info@maratonwarszawski.com.


For what purpose and on what basis are your personal data processed?

  1. provision of electronic services:
    • performance of the agreement – that is, your participation in the race
  2. performance of the agreement – that is, your participation in the race:
    • participation in the races you apply for via the registration website rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com (preparation of the race kit, insurance, results summarizing, awarding, etc.)
    • publishing publicly available starting lists and results
    • providing payment services
    • sending organizational information (e-mail / SMS) about the races you register for via the registration page rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com
    • handling requests and correspondence that you direct to us
    • making contact with you
    • allowing a charity organization supported by you (in the case of charity registration path #BiegamDobrze) to contact you
  3. fulfillment of legal obligations of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation:
    • for tax and accounting purposes
  4. for purposes resulting from the legitimate interests of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation:
    • conducting direct marketing of products and services
    • handling requests and correspondence that you direct to us
    • making contact with you
    • counteracting fraud and abuse
  5. based on your consent:
    • sending marketing information (email / SMS)


Do you have to provide your personal data?

Providing personal data is necessary for both your participation in a race and keeping your account on the registration website rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com.

Failure to provide your personal data makes it impossible to conclude the agreement and participate in the race.


How long will your personal data be processed?

Your data will be processed during the period of using the rejestracja.martonwarszawski.com website and participation in races for which you register via the Website.

At the end of this period, your data will continue to be stored for purposes arising from law (especially tax and accounting), as well as counteracting fraud and abuse and seeking possible claims under the agreement.

Part of your data (especially those that are included in the results of the race) can also be processed after this term for statistical and archival purposes.


Who will be the recipient of your personal data?

Your personal data will be disclosed to employees, associates and subcontractors of the Administrator to the extent necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned purposes of processing personal data.

Starting lists and results containing basic personal data will be publicly available, including the publication on the website of the race.


What rights do you have regarding the processing of your personal data?

You have the right to request: access to your personal data, correction, removal and restriction of their processing. In addition, you have the right to object to the processing and transfer of them.

In addition, with respect to processing that takes place on the basis of your consent – you have the right to revoke it at any time.


Who can you complain to about how your personal data is processed?

You can submit a complaint to the supervisory body: President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, 2 Stawki str., 00-193 Warsaw.