29 września 2024 / September 29th, 2024

TEAM UP! Everyone – Regulations


  1. TEAM UP! Everyone is a competition of amateur teams (further referred to as “competition”), part of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon on September 24, 2023.
  2. Teams consisting of runners with the bib numbers of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden of the Warsaw Marathon may be entered for the competition. Each team is represented by a team captain (manager), who registers the team and is solely responsible for its overall operation.
  3. Each team must consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of four runners, with a requirement for both genders within the team (at least one male and at least one female member).
  4. Participation of athletes who have undergone a gender reassignment process is in accordance with World Athletics regulations.
  5. Runners representing Russia are excluded from the competition. CItizens of Belarus can be entered to compete only if they are political refugees and if they submit a declaration of disagreement with their country’s policy. In the event of submitting a competitor from Belarus, the final decision as to their participation is at the sole discretion of the organizer.
  6. The team application must be submitted electronically by September 23, 2023.
  7. After submitting the list of runners, the team captain may amend the line-up by September 21, 2023, subject to the rules set out in points 3, 4 and 5.
  8. The final result of the team will be based on the World Athletics point conversion tables (https://caltaf.com/pointscalc/calc.html) and will be the sum of: a) the best male score and b) the best female score and c) the better of the other 2 scores obtained by team members in the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon.
  9. If two (or more) teams have the same score, the final order will be determined by the score of the fourth member of the team. If this factor does not determine the order, the teams will be classified with the same position.
  10. For a team to be classified, a minimum of two members must complete the race.
  11. The highest ranked team in TEAM UP! Everyone (consisting only of runners holding passports of European Athletics member countries) will be classified additionally in the TEAM UP! Europe contest, with a position in accordance with the rules set out in the regulations of this competition and will receive a prize corresponding to the place taken.
  12. Interpretation of these regulations is at the sole discretion of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon organiser.